Gardening with Davita 

Osiyo family,
My name is Davita Carter. I started a container Vegetable Garden in April/May of 2020 after The Covid-19 Pandemic hit our Country. I saw the food shortages at all the Grocery Stores and decided to buy Vegetable Seeds and Plants so I can grow my own food. Living in an apartment was a challenge when I wanted to start my Garden. So I researched growing food in 5 Gallon Containers. I thought that giving Free Gardening Classes would be something I can donate to my community. Anyone that was interested in wanting to learn how to grow food , Adults and children alike. I follow up with my students to see how they and their plants are doing. For those that could not make the class personally, I captured on video on my YouTube channel, “Davita Carter”, from the Germination process, to caring for the plants, natural and non harmful Pesticides to use, to producing fruit. I Love sharing what I am Learning with others because I am still learning and we can share gardening tips with one another. I have found Gardening to be Therapeutic, Calming and the hard work is Very Rewarding. I really enjoy teaching the Children the most! When you see the Sparkle in their little eyes when they see that they can grow food that they can eat, i
t’s Priceless.

Garden with Davita 
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